WE are WildEarth

It’s in our nature 

Our Team

Graham Wallington

CEO and Co-founder

Graham is on a life-long mission to connect people all over the world to nature. He pioneered the very first African waterhole cams in 1998 and has been the driving force behind first Africam and now WildEarth.  

Emily Wallington

Content Director and Co-founder

Emily has produced many wildlife series for broadcasters such as the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. It was in the Serengeti whilst filming the wildebeest migration that she met her husband Graham and moved to South Africa from the UK to co-found WildEarth.  

Peter Braat

Technical Director and Chairman

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Peter packed his bags soon after getting his M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. After arriving in South Africa, he got actively involved in a number of charities and wildlife conservation projects. It was soon after this that he joined WildEarth. Peter has a logical mind and an interest in data analysis and creative problem solving.

Ian Harrison

Financial Director

Ian is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst and has held senior financial executive roles in South Africa, London and the Middle East over the past 20 years. The undoubted highlight of his career has been combining his financial skills with his love of the bush, and being involved in a product and team which has such a positive impact on so many people’s lives and the environment.

Alan Hynes


After completing an Hons B.A. in Film/Communications and working in the film and TV industry for several years in Ireland, Alan moved to South Africa. It has always been a genuine dream of his to work with a wildlife production company and edit wildlife TV footage. Alan crafts together the stories of the animals we observe and reveals “behind-the-scenes” action in his work as an editor at WildEarth.

Alexander Voz

Broadcast Systems Architect

All the way from Mother Russia, our tech wizard Alex is one of WildEarth’s finest technical engineers. Alex is quite simply a genius. His ability to understand, parse and resolve any problem you throw his way is unsurpassed.

Colleen Holland


Joining the WildEarth team in May 2008 she has spent numerous hours assisting with website, registration and viewing issues, helping create animal character histories, monitoring streams, chat rooms, Facebook pages and other social media platforms.

Karen Gilliam


Back in 1999 a friend shared Djuma Waterhole cam, Karen became hooked immediately. Since May of 2008, she has been involved daily with countless hours of supporting channel producers, users, moderating chats rooms and generally keeping the CAMmunity on an even keel. She is also responsible for taking care of the WE volunteer teams.

Valorie Berry


Valorie started watching wildlife cameras in 2006 and after her mother alerted her to a live safari drive in 2007, she has been hooked every since! Valorie maintains the social media communities and assists behind the scenes with web issues.

Bianca Lucas

Social Media Specialist

Bianca first started at WildEarth as a freelance researcher and writer. This is where her love for the bush, especially the big cats, flourished. She has a great love for animals and the outdoors, and has been lucky to experience both, at reserves and wildlife sites around Southern Africa.